Christmas boxes

I have been assembling three new Christmas storage boxes for the lift so that the old tatty ones can be recycled.



Out for a run on a lovely sunny afternoon, the first day of 2018. The Malvern Hills in the distance from Whittington roundabout.

Grand Masters Palace and Notte Bianca

I had missed out on the Grand Masters Palace last year as it was closed for restoration, as far as I could see it was still quite dilapidated but interesting nevertheless. Tonight was Notte Bianca (White Night) an evening arts festival, after an idea started in Paris. It promised great things but did not quite deliver and it was a bit of a damp squib in my humble opinion, at least the lights looked pretty.

Mdina and Domus Romana


For the last day of the holiday I took the bus over to Mdina where I visited a museum built over the remains of a Roman Villa.

A week has been just the right amount of time and I am looking forward to returning home tomorrow.

Fort St Angelo and Vittorioso

Fort St Angelo had an open day today so there was not the normal 10 euro charge to get in. I then went on a self-guided tour of the Santa Margarita Lines and Cottonera lines.


I took the local bus to the seaside today, to see Marsaxlokk. It would be quite a pretty fishing village if it wasn’t for the power station at the entrance of the harbour still the mussels were tasty.

No rain today

I managed my first morning run of the holiday today followed by rum baba and coffee for breakfast, what an indulgence, but I felt that I had earned it. After a refreshing shower I walked into Valletta via the botanic gardens and encountered this Tangy lookalike. The afternoon was spent across the harbour exploring Vittorioso.